Confirmation Report Of Yamaha R15

Hi Friends,

Finally the bike is displayed in almost all the famous show rooms.This bike is displayed in a show room in Chennai and I went to see the bike. I was very eager to know about the bike. I asked many questions but I could get answer only for some of them. The told about bhp figures its around 22 bhp. When I asked about top speed they told the bike is crossing 150 km/hr easily and its highly stable. The cost of the bike will be around 950000Rs on road. They did not tell about mileage and they did not tel about releasing date. But they told in a guess that this will release in next month.

Regarding the look of the bike I am really tensed to see the rear part. Its majestic in front but the rear is not compromising. My suggestion is after buying the bike change the rear tyre and mud guard. If Yamaha people realize this and if they do some changes to rear then i would say there is no flaw in this bike. There are 2 colors blue and black. Black looks royal. My choice will be black.