Combat Alcohol Boating Deaths

Hi Friends,
This post is to create some awareness and i request you to read this carefully and act as a responsible citizen. Most of the people living in the world are addicted to alcohols. If I say please stop consuming alcohol no one will listen to it because they have experienced pleasure consuming it. Arizona Boating is facing many problems in recent years. In Arizona most of the accidents are caused because of this alcohol. Is it necessary for such a dreadful thing which kills humans?. They have reported that 50% of all fatal boating accidents in Arizona were alcohol related in 2007 and 1/3 of all fatal boating accidents nationwide are alcohol related. In 2007 Arizona watercraft law enforcement agencies arrested over 350 people who were operating watercraft under the influence (OUI) of alcohol. Do you think this is an achievement for the country for having such citizens?. Its ridiculous!

Driving a car needs proper coaching but driving a boat does not require any coaching in the state of Arizona. However trained boaters avoids boat accidents in most cases. So it is recommended to undergo Boating Education Online or Boating Education in person so that we can avoid accidents and loose lives.

Friends watch these videos and create awareness within yourselves. Boating Operating Under the Influence of alcohol is highly punishable. Please have in mind that we are the future of our country so let us not spoil the name of the country by involving in such activities. Please act as an educated person and have the habit of advising uneducated people regarding this. 

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