Hi friends,

Today what I am to write about is the scariest part of my blog. Yes! I have just finished seeing a horror movie trailer.The movie name is Frontier(s) . Basically I am a horror movie lover, but this trailer scared me really. I am very eager to see this movie and after verification i found that the movie is going to release by May 9th. There is a problem in this movie to get released in all theaters, this is a unrated movie so they are releasing it only on selected theaters. Most of the unrated films won't make its way to the theaters but this is going to come out. So if you want to see the uncut version of this movie go check select theater listings soon.

After a long gap I could see a good scaring horror film like this. There are some things that all horror films use, such as gore and surprise, but there are ways to do this tastefully and almost poetically. I think this film also have got all those qualities. This film includes chase, murders, cannibals, etc. If you see the way they cut the leg and kill the people you will be definitely scared. Go and check the trailer for more details. The DVD is going to be released on May 13th. Happy now?
Please Note:
Friends have in mind that this trailer has got good sound effect and horror so don't watch this wit heart patients and kids. This may be a serious problem. Enjoy yourself.

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