Truly Harrowing

Hi Friends,

The Trailer promises everything that a horror movie trailer should.... The music in it itself creates the feel of impending doom. The desperate cry of a boy,will make you think about what he must have gone through... The lady(Yasmine ,as I have learnt from the synopsis), at first looks helpless and desperate to escape,but as the movie progresses,she looks to be transformed into a person who is no more running away from the truth or her fate...and who has "nothing to lose"!

There are terrifying secrets,even terrifying killings,and scenes that can haunt you for days....Frontier(s) seems to be knee-deep in controversy for its uncut and unrated version,that was screened in select theater listings for a week,starting from the 9th of May.

Unrated movies never make it to any theater,and the fact that Frontier(s) has,and the curiosity that the trailer arouses,make it a MUST-WATCH!

For die-hard fans of horror movie who didn't get to see the movie in the theatres....DVDs of the uncut,unrated version will be available shortly!

For those interested to have a glimpse of life-'after- life',the movie promises nothing less.... Go ahead and indulge yourself in....... "HELL"

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