Honda CBF 600 S and N

Hi Friends,

It only takes a mile or so astride the CBF 600 to get to grips with it. Everything is easy and natural, from the riding position to the smoothness of the controls, including the sharpness of steering and flexibility of the engine from the lowest engine speeds. Traffic jams become a mere formality. No jolts caused by the fuel injection tarnish the pleasure of low-speed manoeuvres, the gearbox responds to the slightest touch of your boot. Without a doubt, the CBF will appeal to young motorcycle licence holders, but city-dwelling bikers shouldn’t be immune to this general ease of riding.

The technical specification of this bike is liquid-cooled 16-valve inline-4 cylinder with engine capacity 599 cc. This engine is electronic injection with maximum power output of 76 hp at 10,500 rpm.This bikei has double disc at front and one disc at the back. Top speed of this bike is over 200 km/h (124 mph).Average fuel consumption is 6 l/100 km and average range before reserve is 270 km.