What Is Bhp And CC?

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We are using bikes and cars without knowing what is cc and what is bhp. Here is the chance to update our knowledge. Horsepower is the amount of "power" the engine produces without any frictional losses. 1 mechanical horsepower = 33,000 ft-lbs per minute.
BHP is "brake horsepower" which is how much power is located at the crankshaft after factoring in frictional losses caused by the engine (bhp is less than hp, because after passing through the engine, friction and heat cause the amount of original horsepower to decrease.)
CC is "cubic centimeters" which is how many cubic centimeters of air that the engine displaces (sucks in) in the given amount of cylinder bores in the engine (ci is used in American motors; ex: 454ci (popular Chevy engine) 351ci (popular Ford engine) 440ci (popular Chrysler engine)).
A cylinder is the bore (space) in which the piston moves in the engine (the radius of the cylinder squared times pi times depth of the cylinder multiplied by how many cylinders there are equals the "CC" of an engine; ex: volume of cylinder * 8 cylinders (for an eight cylinder engine) = the "CC" or "CI" of the engine).

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