Me And My Yamaha R15

Hi Friends,

What you are seeing now is me with new Yamaha R15. The rate of this bike is confirmed and it comes around 1 lakhs 7 thousand rupees. The launch date is also confirmed it is on jun 13th. Bookings have started already. Still they did not give the confirmed report of bhp. When I asked them yesterday they said its 22 bhp. When I ask today they said its sure 16+. But the top speed is surely above 140km/hr they added this. Friends the bike is having different look in direct view. It is more sexy in real view. If you look at the front you can't differentiate it with Yamaha R1. Only the rear part shows the difference. When I asked about the tyre they told if we change the tyre the pickup and grip will be spoiled. They said we should not change the tyres.